Our services

We focus on being a solution to all aspects of your living environment. We provide a range of outdoor management, enhancement and development solutions. We set out to achieve only the best in everything we do. A commitment to safety, quality and the environment is at the core of Greenworx.

Need help or advice on anything outdoor? Greenworx can solve it! We combine the size, scale and professionalism of a corporate with the attention to detail and communication of a sole trader – we don’t stray from what has made us successful.

With over 2,000,000m2 per annum, in 800 locations under management and across 3 states, our focus is on outstanding systems and processes to streamline everything you need to be your “one-stop-shop” with total, end-to-end solutions across all areas.

We can assist with

  • Landscape management
    and maintenance

    We expertly manage all your property landscaping needs.

    Our friendly team of landscape management experts will do everything required to ensure your landscape continues to flourish – from regular mowing, to pruning for future growth, trimming hedges, clearing and collecting leaves, fertilise, monitoring soil and mulch levels, conducting seasonal activity and adjusting irrigation.

    Through the development of detailed service scopes, specifications and attendance schedules, Greenworx teams integrate into our client sites, delivering services with minimal disruption to your business activities.

    Knowing ahead of time when our teams are due to arrive and the outcomes you can expect to achieve takes away the need to be involved with managing contractors and allows you to focus on your own core business activities.

    Our post-service landscape management reporting adds further peace of mind that work is being delivered on time and to specification on each occasion.

  • Landscaping design
    and construction

    Professionally enhance your space with our expert advice, creative design and quality construction.

    Our landscape design and construction experts can help optimise the space, maximise your investment and contribute creative design solutions to your current or future landscape.

    Greenworx supports the landscape design process with general advice or detailed CAD plans, prepares structured estimates and delivers first class project results within challenging timeframes.

    We offer our expertise in selecting and installing the best soft and hard landscape features, which are a critical element of any project. A well-considered design will increase the presentation and performance of any asset, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance costs.

    Our experienced landscape construction team take the worry out of the journey by project managing the process on your behalf, from small to large scale projects.

  • Tree

    Complete care with partial or complete removal of your trees.

    Greenworx can manage a range of tree services, including pruning, land clearing, complete tree removals, arborist’s reports, mulching and stump grinding.

    Recycled tree mulch is a cost-effective way to improve the look of your garden, while adding important nutrients back into garden soil and minimising future weed growth.

  • Irrigation solutions

    Our innovative options help conserve water and keep your landscapes green and healthy.

    As irrigation experts, Greenworx can introduce ways to save precious water resources, keeping costs down whilst keeping gardens green. We can conduct an audit of your existing irrigation systems, carry out maintenance and repairs as required, complete seasonal adjustments, or design and install a new system.

    From commercial pop-up systems on large lawn areas to drip-lines and fine spray nozzles within intricate gardens, Greenworx can deliver a system that is designed to last!

  • Artificial Surfaces

    Professional advice on synthetic surface options

    For areas requiring artificial lawn or soft fall rubber, the Greenworx team take care of the entire project from excavation to final finish. We provide expert advice and quality finishes using only the best materials.

    Whilst nothing beats the real thing, not every area lends itself to natural turf. High wear areas where grass won’t grow and become compacted, areas which receive little natural sunlight, rainfall or irrigation and areas that are difficult to access for ongoing maintenance are all perfect candidates for synthetic surfaces. With a minimum 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and many examples of synthetic grass lasting beyond 15 years, it can be just the solution our clients require.

    With no mowing needed, the reduced maintenance cost can be invested elsewhere.

  • Building

    We work within your budget to maintain, refurbish or build to your specifications.

    Greenworx can support clients and add value by providing a broader range of services, including carpentry, internal refurbishment, building maintenance, construction and project management, whether inside or outside.

    From minor maintenance to million dollar projects, Greenworx has the resources and expertise with qualified trades to deliver a range of building and refurbishment projects. We pride ourselves on meeting budgets and working within our clients’ timeframes.